Welcome to our Estill Springs Methodist Church Events Page!!!
updated 1/ 14/2018
 Key: Red letter is something new since last update  Black letter is something that has not changed but, is important  Blue letter is a volunteer opportunity   
Weather note – We want our Church friends and family to practice good common sense and to err on the side of being safe.  If you believe you are not going to be able to safely travel to and from scheduled Church activities, please stay in your safe place.  Rev Smith lives next door to the Church and will be present for scheduled activities, i.e. the doors will be open. 
CHURCH SIGN MENS CLUB FUNDRAISER                                                                                       
                                               CHILI   TACOS   SOUPS
19 JANUARY  4-7 PM 
Mondays – WW (formerly Weight Watchers) meet in the Jack Allen Family Life Center (JAFLC) every Monday from 6:00 pm to 7 pm.  Weigh in starts at 5:30. (POC Brenda Porto)
Wednesdays 6:00 PM in the JAFLC.  Contact Cindy regards youth activities and schedule (Cindy Key)
Wednesdays –  Choir Practice at 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary (Clarence Collison) 
Thursdays – 10:00 am in the JAFLC – Fellowship, snacks, games, and get well cards at 10 am in the  JAFLC. (POC: Marta Taylor and Darlene Held)
15 January – UMW meets third Tuesday of each month (Peggy Rowe)
19 January – UMM (Men’s Club) Chili/Taco/Soup Fundraiser/Silent Auction.  4-7:00 PM in the JAFLC.  Donations are being accepted.  Jim Holdsclaw POC for Silent Auction.   Bob Walker coordinating food and music.
20 January – Administrative Board after Worship Service
3 February – Trustees meet after Worship Service.  Mickey Knowles is Chairperson.
10 January – United Methodist Men (UMM) will meet in the JAFLC at 8:00 AM for breakfast.  Roy McClain is President.
Very happy to announce our Administrative Board voted unanimously to become the Chartering Organization for Cub Scout Pack 391 in Estill Springs.   Bob Walker is our Chartering Organization Representative.  He can answer questions about our support.
Good Samaritan Needs (December 2018) – blankets and housewares (plates, flatware, pots, pans, baking dishes, kitchen utensils,  etc.).  Kids pajamas are also needed.  Items need not be “new” but should be clean and in good condition.
This gentleman is a @orld War II veteran who has no friends or family here he lives.  He would love to receive birthday cards: Duane Sherman, P.O. Box 794, Highland, California 92346.
Shoe Box Gifts – We want to thank several “year round shoppers” who have already made purchases for our 2018 packing party.  We have 100 soap and washcloth sets, 100 pens, 100 toothbrushes and combs, several stuffed animals, and crayons, all purchased on sale.  That is a great way to increase our buying power.  Our goal is to fill 100 boxes.  Our goal was met.  102 Packing Party Boxes.  We have sent them to bless 160 children, Thanks for your gifts, Sally Collison.
Stuart has volunteered to lead a team of people who will assist Water Nursing Home staff in bringing people to Church.  Please contact Stuart and sign up.  The van has been repaired Praise God!
Our Monthly Communion donations will go to the following areas/organizations in 2019:
June – Alzheimer’s
March – Almost Home Ministries
January, February, April, July, August, October,  – Rock Creek Elementary School Mission
November – Shoebox postage
May – Native American Ministries
December – Discretionary Benevolence Fund
There are sign up sheets in the Narthex for volunteer service at Church.  We need ushers, acolytes, and others.
Vickie Pendergrass needs volunteers to help with Children’s Church on Sunday morning.  Please call her and offer to help.
Please pray for those who are sick, in need, mourning, traveling, or simply poor in spirit.   We have the mighty power of God on our side!   We need to lift these people up to the Lord and ask for love, grace, mercy, and His will be done in their lives.